New Dewalt Brushless Drill/Driver


Dewalt Brushless Drill Driver DCD790

Dewalt is coming out with a new 20V Max li-ion brushless cordless drill driver, model DCD790, which will be released alongside the also-new brushless hammer drill that we previously discussed.

The new compact brushless drill is designed for maximized runtime, but should still outperform their previous compact brushed drill/driver by a small margin as it has a 2.86% higher power rating (360 UWO vs. 350 UWO).

While some might look to compare this model to Milwaukee’s FUEL M18 brushless drill, it is worth remembering that Dewalt designed the DCD790 to be more compact and lightweight.

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The Three Major Types of Power Tool Batteries

Cordless tool batteries are certainly a requirement in order for us to be able to use cordless power tools like a cordless power drill, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and many more. When buying a cordless power tool for your household projects, keep in mind that battery voltage is not the only important factor to consider. Other factors such as the battery’s amp/hour capacity as well as its type should not be taken for granted when purchasing batteries for your cordless power tools.

Cordless tool batteries are available up to 36 volts. A 19.2-volt battery or even a 14.4-volt one can surpass the battery rating of a 36-volt battery if those batteries with lower voltage capacity have higher amp/hour capacity than the latter. In rating cordless tool batteries, voltage as well as Amp hour is considered. Ampere-hour is a measure of how long the battery can last, while voltage is a measure of the battery’s electric current or power. Thus, basing on the information mentioned, the higher the voltage and the higher the amp/hour capacity, the more powerful the battery is.

The usual sizes available for cordless tools are 1.2, 2.4 and 3.0 Amp / hour. It’s at the bottom part of the battery or sometimes on both sides where you locate the label that describes the batteries amp/hour rating.

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AEG Power Tools – 12V Li-Ion Multi-Function Multi-Tool

AEG 12V Li-Ion Multi-Function Tool…

Ideal for plunge cutting, scraping and sanding this 12 Volt multi function tool, which due to its interchangeable heads, is ideally suited for working in hard to reach areas. It has an angle drill head with 10 mm keyless chuck and a multi Tool head, electronic speed control and overload protection, reversible and has LED lighting of the workspace.

2 x Li-ion rechargeable battery 12 V/1.5 Ah, Angle drill head with 10 mm keyless chuck and multi-tool head, Segment saw blade, 15 x sanding sheets, Transport bag.

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Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

I have a number of pocket and technician screwdrivers, with Stanley’s 4-in-1 driver (66-344) being one of my favorites. It’s thin, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my pocket and bag, it’s comfortable to use, and it’s fairly inexpensive.

Since the 4-in-1 is only equipped with smaller bit sizes, it is not suitable for general purpose household or office use, but it’s a great complement to full-size multi-bit drivers like the Wera Kompakt or Picquic SixPac.

Stanley says that the driver is ideal for toy assembly, battery compartments, eye glasses, and cell phones. I don’t really see how, as the screws found in eyeglass frames and cell phones are much smaller than these bits can fit, but it does give a sense of the type of usage the driver was designed for – smallish low-torque fasteners.

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The History of the Craftsman Tool Company

Craftsman is a line of tools that includes hand tools, power tools, tool boxes, lawn and garden equipment and many other items that you would find in a garage or work building. These tools have been sold by Sears since 1927.

A man by the name of Arthur Barrows was hired by Sears in 1927 to be the head of their hardware department. Arthur came up with the idea of creating a brand name for Sears that would set it apart from other manufactures. The name “Craftsman” was being used by Marion-Craftsman Tool Company. Arthur liked this name and offered to pay Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for rights to use the name. In order for a tool to be marked with the Craftsman brand, the tool would have to pass a very rigorous set of standards. The Craftsman brand was first used on a line of saws.

The Craftsman tools were first designed to accommodate farmers and were made out of cast iron and not hardened. They were ugly and would lose their shape fairly easy, but the design was perfect to fit a farmer’s budget. Arthur Barrows moved to be the West Coast Manger for Sears and hired Tim Dunlap to fulfill his position. At that time, America was starting to move into the automobile age and Dunlap saw the need to create tools designed to accommodate auto mechanics. He upgraded the quality of the Craftsman tools and added chrome plating to help improve the appearance of the tools as well as make it easier for mechanics to clean them.

The first Craftsman power tools were featured in the 1929 Sears catalog. These power tools were recognized in 1938 for helping to build the largest adobe building which was the Rocky Mountain offices of the U.S. Forestry Service. After this, the Chief Forestry Engineer declared Craftsman tools as a permanent part of the Service’s shop equipment.

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New Makita LXDT06 Brushless Impact Driver with Automatic Speed Downshifter

Makita LXDT06 Brushless Impact Driver

Makita has come out with a new 18V LXT cordless brushless impact driver, model LXDT06, that features a 3-setting power and speed selection switch, as well as an innovative Quick-Shift mode. The Quick-Switch mode is essentially an electronic controller that allows for quicker application speeds.

Makita Impact Driver with Quick-Shift Mode

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New X-Acto Knife Desktop Holder

X-Acto Knife Desktop Holder

You’ve heard of X-Acto, right? They’re well known by hobbyists, crafters, artists, and professionals for their pen-sized precision knives. X-Acto knife blades are ultra-sharp, and if you’re not careful you might learn that the hard way.

As much as I prefer genuine X-Acto knives and blades, there’s one gripe I have about them – the lack of a good cap design. Some X-Acto knives are sold with caps, some aren’t.

My X-Acto knife did come with a cap, but I lost it a few years ago. Since then I’ve been jamming the knife into a piece of styrofoam for safe storage and between uses.

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Tops Tips to Buy Power Tools

If you are glancing through a catalogue, you will be surprised at the number of tools are available for both professionals and hobbyists! Yes, with this huge array of tools to choose from, it is no wonder that you may get confused about what to buy. Here are the top tips to help you out.

  1. Buy the right tool for the job, instead of the best power tool available in the market. Buying the best and most expensive hand saw won’t do you much good if it’s not right for the job you are doing. This may seem like an obvious point but it is something most shoppers forget.
  2. The tool you buy should fit the size and space of your work area and it should also be safe enough as to not hurt you. Ergonomics of a tool is something that is extremely important. Also, a tool should be comfortable to work with and it should feel good in your hands. You should be able to manipulate it the way you want to in order to achieve the best results.
  3. Decide if portability is important to you. This will help you choose between corded and cordless varieties of tools. It must be mentioned here that battery technology has advanced a lot these days and cordless tools are not only convenient to handle, they also offer very high power as well.

Keep these few tips in mind while shopping for power tools and you will make a good deal. So always do a homework before doing any type of shopping.

Written by Mark Gibson, Mark is one of the partners at Power Tools Ltd, one of the largest Power Tools [] suppliers in the UK. Shop for Cordless Power Tools [] at our new online shop or call in and see us for expert advice.

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How To Make Perfect Holes With A Drill

Making holes in a wood with a drill is quite an easy job. What you need is just the right kind of drilling tools for particular wood. Skills and tools are both important for drilling holes in wood. Many times people often commit some blunders like applying too much pressure while drilling, drilling with fast speed and last but not the least using drill bits used for metals. Keeping these few minds in mind and a bit of effort can enable you to drill the holes like experts.

For large holes in wood, you will require a suitable saw. If you want to make small holes, drill, brace and bits are required. There are bits available in the market of different sizes and shapes, which can be use with, braces or other electric drills. The common feature of all the bits their rotary motion.

Hand Drill

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Ultimate Guide To Buying Power Drills

Take the hard work out of DO-IT-YOURSELF with a good drill.

It could be on of the most diverse and very useful tools you buy.

Proper drill will save time during your work and make easy drilling holes into metal, wood, concrete etc., as well as drive screws and bolts.

It is useful getting acquaint with a drill’s main feature before you buy, so you could choose the best one.


I. Types

  1. Standard Drills
  2. Hammer Drills
  3. Screw Guns

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